• Payments are due the 1st of each month and overdue on the 5th. As of the 6th, payments will be charged a late fee. Fees are charged monthly and remain the same for the first 9 months of the school year.┬áJune is adjusted to reflect the partial school month.
  • Consistent lateness in payment will forfeit your child’s place in the program.
  • Absences from the program do not warrant credits or changes in the fees. Any lapse in payment will forfeit that child’s spot.
  • We will maintain one account and one billing address per family. Arrangements to split payments are strictly the parents’ concern.
  • Anyone wishing to pay twice monthly must submit both checks on the first due date with a postdated check for the second half of the period.
2022-2023 After School Program
Monthly 5 Days (September-May)

Monthly 3 Days (September-May)



June (5 Days)

June (3 Days)



San Carlos Extended Kindergarten (M, T, Th, F) $200
First – Fifth Grade
Monthly 5 Days (September-May)

Monthly 3 Days (September-May)



June (5 days)

June (3 Days)



2022-2023 Breakfast Club (In Addition to Above)
Afternoon After School Participants
5 Days/Week (September-May) $170
4 Days/Week (September-May) $150
3 Days/Week (September-May) $130
June Half of monthly rate
Breakfast Club without Afternoon Program Add $30 to monthly rate
In-Service Fees
Kindergarten or First-Fifth $50 extra
Additional Days
Breakfast Club $15 extra
Registration Fees
Initial Registration $125/child or family
Renewal Registration $100/family

Note: All fees are subject to change with 30 days notice.