Providing caring, friendly, and fun day care services to families since 1981

“After School ROCKS.” – Joey, After School Kid

For over 35 years, After School has provided licensed day care to families in San Carlos and Belmont. After School was started with the mission of providing a safe, caring, and fun place for kids to go after they got out of school–little did we know then, After School would grow and evolve for decades. Find an After School location near you, or meet our staff.


Naturally, things have changed since we started After School in 1981, and we have grown and adapted our programs to meet the needs of the children and families we serve. However, one thing always remains the same: kids have basic needs. Kids need someone who knows and cares about them, and will ask about their day, answer their questions, or share a concern. They need a healthy snack to tide them over until they have dinner. They need the opportunity to spend time in a quiet space, do their homework, and go outside and play games with a friend. They need a place that they feel is “theirs,” full of games, toys, books, art supplies, and building blocks that will allow them to express their individuality and spark their imagination. Finally, they need to have time to choose activities that they want to participate in and even have the freedom to choose to do nothing, if that’s how they feel after a long day at school.


This is our philosophy, what we believe in, and what we are committed to providing here at After School.


After School is housed at the following locations throughout the San Carlos and Belmont communities:

San Carlos:

Arundel Elementary School

200 Arundel Rd, San Carlos, CA 94070

Contact Person: Liz Benedict

Phone: (650) 593-0707


Lic #410509433

Heather Elementary School

2757 Melendy Dr, San Carlos, CA 94070

Contact Person: Nancy Viducic

Phone: (650) 591-1997


Lic #414001029

Brittan Acres Elementary School

2000 Belle Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070

Contact Person: Sharol Taboada & Jennie Fitzgerald

Phone: (650) 591-4599


Lic #410509747

White Oaks Elementary School

1901 White Oak Way, San Carlos, CA 94070

Contact Person: Angela Thompson

Phone: (650) 591-3515


Lic #3410504156


Central Elementary School

525 Middle Rd, Belmont, CA 94002

Contact Person: Anthony Perino & Kat San Felipe

Phone: (650) 593-4229


Lic #410517836

Our Directors & Teachers

At After School, we believe in employing quality staff that are committed to the safety and well-being of children. We understand the profound positive impact that a quality teacher can have on a young child’s life.


Our After School staff is unique for two main reasons: longevity and professionalism. On average, our staff stay with After School for at least five years, and all of our full-time staff members have early childhood education backgrounds and extensive experience working with school age children. All full-time staff also meet and exceed the criteria set by the State of California for licensed childcare centers serving school age children, and have up-to-date training in Pediatric CPR, First Aid, and Infectious Disease and Disaster Preparedness.


We are constantly amazed by the extra effort we see from our teachers, aides, and directors. Our staff play an important role in creating special events like Friday Fun Nights, Sing A Longs, Willy Wonka Days, and Talent Shows. We are constantly surprised and pleased by the level of dedication and creativity that these professionals bring to work each and every day.

Arundel Elementary School
Liz Benedict

Site Manager and Managing Director

Deborah Sandri


Devin Peardon


Brittan Acres Elementary School
Jennie Fitzgerald

Site Manager

Nicole Costa


Nicole Cucolichio


Central Elementary School
Anthony Perino

Site Manager & Managing Director

Katrina San Felipe

Site Manager

Rosie Hall


Jose Ibarra
Jose Ibarra


Heather Elementary School
Nancy Viducic

Site Manager

White Oaks School
Angela Thompson

Site Manager

Patrcia Urbina


Our Owners
Diane Meade


Terri Tedford